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About 88 percent of married people have sex at least once a month, compared to 49 percent of unmarried people.Similarly, only 6 percent of married couples had no sex in the past year, versus 43 percent of singles.

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In contrast, women wanted to know someone for 6 months before having sex. They define a “hookup” as a sexual encounter between strangers or brief acquaintances.

There’s a story about President Calvin Coolidge and his wife touring an Iowa egg farm. Hookups usually last a single night, and may or may not involve sexual intercourse.

Most men will never match his sexual record, no matter how hard they try. Under the age of 40, 73 percent of men and 85 percent of women had one partner or less in the past year.

Only 11 percent of men and 3 percent of women had four or more partners.

Growing up, his father forbade him from associating with girls, or learning about sex and masturbation.