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He called on Trump to make it legally safe for Snowden to return to the US.'We all hope that the new president will take a balanced approach to this matter and make the correct decision - to terminate criminal prosecution of Edward Snowden, a man who loves America and misses it,' he said.Loving: Snowden's girlfriend Ms Mills, has been sharing sweet snaps of the couple while the cloud of extradition hangs over them.Nothing of her pictures with Snowden gives away any clues as to his location Romance: Former pole dancer Mills is believed to have been integral in Snowden's shift from US patriot to the country's most infamous whistleblower.

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Aujourd'hui, la maman du petit garçon nous raconte son histoire, celle d'une famille qui a surmonté la plus dure des épreuves, dans un livre "Gaspard, entre Terre et Ciel".

In a move that would infuriate Washington, his attorney Wolfgang Kaleck recently asked the European Parliament to consider granting him asylum.

Berlin-based attorney Mr Kaleck claimed EU countries were indebted to the whistleblower for exposing US snooping on 'friendly' European governments.

Bout, a former air force officer, was kidnapped by US authorities in Thailand in 2011 and convicted of conspiracy to kill US citizens and provide material for terrorists.