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The name is redolent of the British Music Hall (we announce the Great Ventilo and his talking dummy!

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Apparently, restrictions is NOT the name of the corselette. The letter pointing this out is reproduced below:- You included under your article on Strange Names a Scandale advert entitled "Restrictions" which I found rather odd because one would not normally use the word in that context and because many if not most Scandale ads I have seen emphasize souplesse and legerte, i.e. Unfortunately, the image you posted was too small to read so I searched for a legible copy and found a similar but legible companion ad.

The advertisement refers to restrictions in the use of rubber during the war. It dated from 1941 and referred to the restrictions on the use of rubber imposed by the war.

Whereas, the garment itself, uncompromisingly called restrictions, seems to indicate that the wearer, far from conducting a love affair, simply wants to get rid of the wretched thing.

Either that or Maman has let her petite fille wear it, but with strict warnings of just what and what not she might be allowed to do!

Scandale made a series of film adverts that I believe were shown in theatres and which were quite amusing.' panty-girdle by Gossard is pure 60's Americana.