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Through the ages dating or courting is the primary process by which people attempt to find and secure that “special” person: a person you can center your life around.

Dating or courting is a goal-oriented endeavor, one in which the All types of sneaky, devious, shifty, disingenuous, guileful, and underhanded behavior is considered fair game when it comes to securing your “missing half,” (e.g., Misrepresentations (make up, false eye lashes, toupees, plastic surgery, steroids), lying (about one’s age, past marital status, income, personal preferences), pretense (feigning interest, faking sincerity, appearing hurt, acting vulnerable), manipulations (using feminine wiles, seductive body language), leveraging and black mail (threatening to start dating other people, threatening to withdraw ones love, attention and support, threatening to end the relationship, etc.).

Shambhala students learn to observe the everyday ways in which they relate to prince/princessing, as opposed to the picture perfect illusions they have been given of it.

Shambhala students then learn how to lay the foundations for new, Core-connective ways of relating to ourselves and others.

They will continue to be chemically and historically directed by others who know more about them than they know about themselves.