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They allow you to upload both photo’s and video when posting an ad, and sellers can give each other feedback based on their experience – something that ensures scammers will be hit with a bad review inevitably and trusted sellers will build up their rating over time.Their list of categories is very extensive, so you’ll surely find what you’re looking for here.

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Categories: Their list of categories is almost too diverse to list completely here but includes the usual suspects, plus some unusual options like Medical Clinics & Treatments, Home Improvements, and Cooking, Kitchen & Food.

10 Day Ads lets you post your ad in multiple locations, so it gives you a larger amount of reach.

Posting an ad is simple enough: Click post, write your ad and add video or images and confirm your ad.

You can add nearby cities (for $0.25 per city) or bump your ad to the top of listings.

The site also allows you to report abuse, which always helps cut down on scammers you might encounter.