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So, the link that is named "Activate wireless lan clients" in Ip Fire WLan AP page has not the right name.

The link should be named "Activate wireless lan clients that require DHCP lease" (ironic consideration).

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Well, I had to enable all devices ( smartphones, TV etc.

that ask for DHCP) connected to BLUE interface in "Firewall" "Blue access", instead the webcam with fixed IP address that is outside the DHCP lease range ( to is not present in the "Blue access" list, but it connect perfectly.

In my case, the webcam has also a fixed IP address, so it don't ask an ip through DHCP.

The reason why I opened this thread is because my webcam (that has a fixed IP in the blue range and knows ssd and pw) connects perfectly to ipfire access point but is not shown in the "Firewall" Station 00:e0:4c:b (on blue0) inactive time: 0 ms rx bytes: 75493604 rx packets: 50734 tx bytes: 3642886 tx packets: 50201 tx retries: 6112 tx failed: 0 signal: -58 [-60, -64, -64] d Bm signal avg: -57 [-59, -64, -63] d Bm tx bitrate: 48.0 MBit/s rx bitrate: 54.0 MBit/s authorized: yes authenticated: yes preamble: long WMM/WME: no MFP: no TDLS peer: no Frankly I don't know what device is, I ignore mac address of all home devices.

I've a webcam that I've configured years ago with a fixed IP.