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Turns out my first positive (it was SOOOOO faint) was at FIVE dpo. I thought I was 6 weeks, but they are stating 4 weeks 6 days. They just took blood yesterday and will again in 2 days to compare the HCG levels and do another u/s next week.

Just goes to show you that no matter how well we think we're tracking things, there are always surprises. It is looking pretty common so try not to worry ---- I am doing the same. I too had an ultrasound where my uterus measured 6 weeks (I could be a day or two short) and there was a yok sac but no fetal pole yet. I don't think this is bad news - at least not yet, so be positive! Girls, doctors are only "practicing" medicine so they don't know everything! did your urine and/or blood test come out positive? Women for thousands of years have been doing this with no ultrasound or other tests and the majority of babies come out just fine! I thought I was 6 weeks, but my MD only found a gestational sac with a tiny yolk sac inside..fetal pole.

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Some Christians point to the events that took place at the Tower of Babel as a basis for their arguments against so-called “interracial” marriage.

They say that clearly implies that God wants to keep the nations apart and that God is declaring that people from different people groups can’t marry.

Let’s look at some of the verses people often use to say that marriage between people groups is scripturally forbidden.

Is there substance to their position or are these people simply proof-texting to justify a pre-programmed prejudice?

I had my first beta HCG level from Mon come back 6500 and a progesterone of 25 (she said both were good) and I'm going this morning for my 2nd level.