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Automobile ownership in the United States rose dramatically from 1910, when only a few percent of American households had cars, to 1930, when over half of American households had cars.

In those same two decades, American youth – particularly young women – seemed to be “letting go” in new ways.

They reported that a high percentage of under-age girls charged with “sex crimes” committed those offenses in cars.

But a closer look by historians suggests a more complex picture.

In our new age of being “wired” wirelessly 24/7, there is a lot of debate – especially over the wireless Internet – about what new technologies are “doing” to us: making us lonely, or dumb, or frenetic, or surveilled, or empowered, or disempowered, and so on.

Public worry about the consequences of technological change are not new.

The present paper reviews the existing literature on IPV towards African American women, including prevalence, theories, risk factors for victimization, victims' psychological sequelae, barriers to service utilization, coping strategies, and interventions for survivors and perpetrators of IPV.