Intimidating names for places

These are the 12 American names popular for the first time.The most popular baby names can be grouped into one of three categories.Parents have different approaches to choosing a name for their baby girl or boy.

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The second category — the one that makes up our list — includes names that have only recently become popular.

In some cases, these are older names that were never common, and others were historically used more as surnames. Aria was not even among the 1,000 most popular girls' names before the year 2000; it was the 31st most common name given to a baby girl last year.

Mila The Slavic name Mila comes from a derivation of the word milu, meaning dear.

It may very well be that Ukrainian-born celebrity actress Mila Kunis has been the sole driver for the name's popularity, as it was more or less unused in the United States before Kunis's breakout role in 2008's "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." It was the 72nd most popular girls' name last year, its most popular year.6.

Parents who choose the name may be thinking of the Scottish village, or the floral pattern of the same name with Persian roots.7.

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