Dating a former nun

This spirit was heightened by grace as is revealed in the beautiful incidents that took place on the last few days prior to her death and which we will treat of in another chapter.

Should the occasion prove an appropriate one, she would even remind them of Purgatory, and that it was far better to suffer a little here than to make expiation in the next life.

As has been said, all the nuns without exception found her easy of approach when seeking corporal relief or spiritual solace.

She was not given to speaking of her aches and pains, and never did ill health prove an obstacle to any of her work.

Towards the end of her life, when her heart-attacks became a little more frequent, and her gentle countenance paled more and more, her nuns dreaded what actually took place on the morning of April 11th, 1939, the day of Mother Therese's death.

Great was her delight when with her nuns in recreation, especially on some of the major feasts or on days when her anniversaries were celebrated.