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All the cool cats are there: "Met Council," "MNsure," and "Government Unions" (a woman with a pearl necklace), and "Light Rail," whose mustache looks straight out of vaudeville.

They are dining on the finest communist revolutionary foods -- caviar, "hot tofu sliders," "seaweed bean curd wraps" -- sip champagne, and laugh gaily to the sounds of a swingin' big-band cover of "We're In the Money." This is what conservatives think it looks like when liberals party.

If this prediction comes true, Predict It will redeem all Yes shares at $1. If this prediction does not come true, Predict It will redeem all No shares at $1. The individual identified in the question shall be elected mayor of Cleveland in 2017.

Predict It may determine how and when to settle the market based on all information available to Predict It at the relevant time.

This one's supposedly taking place at the governor's mansion in St. They all just stand around while some guy with his shirt tucked into his jeans talks blandly about property taxes.