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She loves cooking for anyone who walks into her home, even for strangers.Her social circle mainly consists of family and close friends, and while she was married in the past, she is now a sex-deprived spinster.

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And then you have the villains who bear all the typical human traits of avarice, greed and power who stand to profit from eliminating those that stand in their way.

You cheer on the sidelines for the decent people to win out and hope that the selfish ones get their comeuppance--its that good.

The day a hit and run driver took the life of her little boy, Marilyn died inside.

But a chance encounter with a mysterious homeless man will let her see that there are no accidents, and true healing starts with forgiveness.

And her hair, whether it is weave or not, is also usually worn long and straight as another unconscious attempt to imitate the dominating standards of white beauty.

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    What we want sometimes is bizzare, and youre going to conclude that its satisfying once it was already done.

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    It is this tree which represents the climax fruitfulness of the biosphere and the genetic foundation of our existence, embracing not just higher Eucaryotes, plants, animals and fungi, but Protista, Eubacteria and Archaea, the realm, including the extreme heat and salt-loving organisms, which appears to lie almost at the root of life itself.

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    You will love me someday You will love me someday Maybe not tomorrow Maybe not now Maybe these days It will come.

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