Geeky guys dating

Also, don’t expect to have your sensitivity honored.” This classic symptom of the hot popular guy, especially when he’s fully aware of his reputation on campus, is a factor that pushes women to seek the geeky guy as an alternative.

“Geek” doesn’t need to imply the opposite extreme and become synonymous with hermit.

Instead, it means he can be in the moment with you rather than preoccupied with a laundry list of other social engagements.

You won’t see them strutting around campus like celebrities, as they’re usually tucked away in the library or their dorms.

While you might seek them out while cramming the night before an exam, they’re not exactly the first people you call when you’re looking for something fun to do on a Friday night.

You could consider the negative stereotypes that geeks face, including being socially awkward, not relatable, too engulfed in their own interests, and having low self-esteem, but in the end, it’s not so much about a one type versus the other as it is about the personality traits that we associate with each.