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There are then a variety of fees depending on what options you choose for your auction. That being said, if you are involved in the purchase or sale of low value domains, 3 character domains, 4 letters domains, etc., e Bay has a thriving market. They also run live adult domain auctions, casino affiliate auctions, affiliate marketer auctions, dating domain auctions, auctions at webmaster conferences, and more. Name Buyers – A newcomer to the field, this company made waves in November by holding a live auction at the same time and in the same city as the Florida T. They normally have an extremely good selection of domains.

You can find a list of all the domain auctions here. There is an insertion fee and a fee based on the final sale price of the domain. Selling your domain at a 7-day auction is probably best. Sorry to people living Down Under – I just don’t know how to accomodate you as well. Domain Forums – There are a number of domain forums that allow members to auction off their domains in whatever format the seller chooses. If you have a specific domaining niche you’re interested in, a Moniker live auction may be the best choice for you. One of their auctions just started a couple hours ago and you can find it here. Domain Tools – I’m not sure whether to recommend these auctions, as the company has made a number of recent moves that are not really in domainers’ best interests.

To sell via auction a domain you have listed at Sedo, you normally need an offer on your domain.

It is generally considered appropriate (by domainers although not by Sedo) to ask someone to place the initial offer, provided that person does intend to go through with the offer if accepted.

If you have the patience to sort through a lot of listings, you can get some good deals. auction, Moniker are really in a category of their own, pioneering the running of niche domain auctions. They are really simple to participate in – just create an account and bid!

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