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If a CF on a CPPM or CPPIV does not have either NTMNXXXX or Nortel or Avaya labeling it is suspect and should be brought to the immediate attention of Avaya support by raising a ticket.

Avaya does not support the use of 3rd party CF cards for replacement.

The Compact Flash (CF) used with CS 1000 are specifically designed for high reliability, data integrity and long life.

They have specific data retention and access characteristics, wear leveling, ECC, and have been matched to the CS 1000 applications.

40 Meg cards are used for distributing software, 3 Meg cards are good for system patches and archiving databases - but they cannot be used for software upgrades.

LD43's BKO and RES commands will back-up and restore the Database to an external PCMCIA card (place card in Drive B slot).

Click on features and at the bottom of the page and in the SEARCH BY box, make sure 'feature' and NOT 'feature group' is selected. Program, Autodial, message center,etc.), then find the feature of DDS and when DDS pops up , make sure NO DIGIT DISPLAY is in the box, then click OK, then done.