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See full summary » Caroline Duffy is a successful cartoonist living in Manhattan whose comic strip "Caroline in the City" has become a huge hit. Though I do feel the story was told and the message was delivered.

The strip is based on her own life, and the people in it - her ... tells Brown he was a test subject during the 1950's, exposed to atomic bomb ... This is a very unusual tale of love, family (take that in which ever context you would like), and friendship. Lea Thompson is beautiful and just drips with emotion as the ex-wife of a gay man who is best friends with the man her husband ended up with.

Curious that Anwar Hadid, 18, is still wearing that baby blue Goyard handbag, while his model sisters Gigi and Bella rarely carry a bag at all – only their phones!

Anwar doesn’t hesitate to wear the bag to black tie or casual events, and doesn’t consider it a challenge to his masculinity.

Marciano is already agitated and implying that Upton should be grateful for the money Guess paid her and the fact that Guess made her famous.