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My mother was sentimental by nature but a scientist by training.

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48 ARIZONA HUMOR 49 ROADSIDE REST Justin Boots, not just another brand name.

(LEFT) Ribbons of thund erstorm cl ouds choke Nankow eap Mes a on the North Rim of th e Grand Canyon . , "th e Arizona Balloon Bust er, " terrorized German pilots in the World War I air battles ov er Franc e. are now starting t o invent their own recipes, but I will b e the first to say they have a long way to go. I am in the same boat she is- can' t see well , always 2 February 1998 in a fog. Hickman Ocala, FL I co uld sa il on a lovely sea and n ot find the enchantment I felt w ith your "Time Sculp­tures" (Sep tember ' 97) photos. Moore (" Lett ers," Sept embe r '97) abo ut the impressionistic water photography Every time I see one of these shots of milky water, I wonder just why the photographer chose to leave out all the beauty of detail that nature has provided for us. I, too, am tired of photos of mo ving wa ­ter that doesn't look like mov­ing water. I know all magazines are doing it, but can' t you at Arizona Highway s be the first to stop the trend?

This illustration by Eri c Von Schmidt emulat es th e famous drawing his fath er, Harold , did of Luke f or Lib erty Magazine in 1928. l etters Chimi Lovers Chimichangas among the coastal redwoods just aren ' t the same as Canyon lake [Ari­zona] chimis, about 1966. I use a magnifying glass to see and need to take a lot of time. So m e of the shots remind me of pictures that I took with the old Kodak box ca mera back in the '50s (how was I to know they some day wo uld be consid­ered magazine quality? I feel that the milkiness is dis­tracting and t akes away from the surroundings. Virginia Bugash Dillard, GA Our photographer s us e slow -speed, fin e-grained film , so to assure sharp focu s throughout the photograph they must make exposures of a second or more, causing moving water to register as milky.

In memory I go back and revisit the s e places whe re I've been. Beulah Bird El Caj on, CA This is about as nic e a complim ent as we'v e received. Bonine ARIZONA TRAN SPORTATION BOARD Chairman Donova n M.